Weight Loss

Your DNA may dictate which diet works for you

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Despite dietary guidelines, public awareness campaigns, and people’s genuine efforts to lose weight, the obesity epidemic doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Why is that? Researchers at Texas A&M University in College Station may have found the answer. Different diets may be appropriate for different people, based on their genetic predisposition, sugggests the new study. Read More

Could this device help to prevent the harms of sitting?

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Continuously moving while sitting at a desk may boost metabolic rate more than sitting or standing at a desk, according to new research led by the University of Illinois at Chicago. Using a desk fitted with a movable footrest raises metabolic rate more than sitting or standing at a desk. Lead study author Craig A. Read More

All you need to know about egg yolk

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Egg yolks used to have a bad reputation because of their high-cholesterol content. Doctors and health authorities once recommended that people limit egg yolk consumption, especially individuals with high cholesterol, blood pressure, or heart conditions. But more focused research indicates that high blood levels of cholesterol are less influenced by cholesterol-containing foods, such as eggs, than individual Read More

Why do my muscles feel sore after exercise?

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Whether you are cramming in some last-minute exercise before the holidays or trying a new workout, beware of aching muscles. But why does your body feel so sore, and what can you do to speed up recovery? Delayed onset muscle soreness can hit some people particularly hard. Have you decided to make a start on Read More

How can we switch off hunger in the brain? Study sheds light

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Many of us think that controlling our food cravings and sticking to a diet depend largely on our willpower, but our biology has a different story to tell. Now, new research shows that a complex interplay between calories, digestion hormones, and neurons determines what we eat and when. What happens in our brain when we’re Read More

A high-fat diet without the weight gain? Study says it’s possible

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When it comes to gaining weight, a high-fat diet is a key culprit. New research, however, suggests that there may one day be a way to avoid piling on the pounds as a result of eating fatty foods. Researchers were able to prevent weight gain in mice fed a high-fat diet. In a newly published Read More

How do you strengthen hip flexors?

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People who sit for extended periods of time are at a high risk of developing tight hip flexors. When hip flexors are tight, a person may experience pain in the lower back and hips. Tight hip flexors can also lead to injuries. Fortunately, there are several stretches and exercises that relax and strengthen the hip Read More

Why bones might hold the secret to weight loss

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Scientists have found an entirely new mechanism by which our body measures and influences our weight. This “gravitostat” is thought to reside in our bones and may offer new treatment avenues for obesity. Why is sitting so bad for us? The answer may lie in our bones. In recent years, the link between spending long Read More